Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was there

With the apocalyptic weather last week, the WCA races shut down to wait for the impending end. The Curtes boys had other plans. Those plans included obstacles of fire wood and tree limbs, a barrier of unusual height, a beer pit instead of a wheel pit, S turns of doom, the figure eight of death, suicide alley, high speed turns which were definitely not UCI regulation, and random matches of dodgeball. To top it off, there were no fewer than 10 obstacles on the course.

Eighteen hardy souls lined up on a perfect autumn day to start not just another race, but perhaps to start a new adventure in wisconsin cyclocross. Perhaps it will be a return to the roots of the sport, or perhaps it will be the next step forward. The Le Mans start left me somewhere near the back of the pack and wondering why people in the south of France are required run and jump into/onto their vehicles all of the time.

As the terrain and oxygen deprived madness worked their magic, I worked my way closer to the middle of the back of the pack in the first lap. Or was it the back of the middle? As the next few laps came and went; so did my strength, speed, and any drive to actually race. Midway into the fourth lap, a well placed shot in the dodgeball section sent me to the beer pits with a bad wheel.

I arrived in the pits to find the need for proper hydration had claimed a pair of victims already. The rest of my race was spent as a superfan and pit official. We issued several stop and go penalties for infractions ranging from overzealous racing to judicial prerogative. Despite our best efforts, the men's and women's races were won by riders who were trying way too hard.

Afterward, came the telling of tales and sacrifices of flesh to the pagan wheel gods on the great fire.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Blame The UCI.

So both of the WCA cross races scheduled for this weekend have been canceled. They say that the races are postponed due to the significant amount of rainfall in the past few days. These actions are in compliance with the wishes of the perspective parks' management. I am okay with that because we should take care of our parks. The last thing that we need is another dog walker complaining about mean old bikers ruining their favorite poop spot.

There is, however, a larger scheme afoot here. I am talking about the UCI's plot to ruin cyclocross in this fine state.

I hear tell that a group of rabblerousers is already planning a rebellion against the evil empire of the UCI.

Shock and Awe

You can imagine my surprise when someone recently mentioned this poor semblance of a blog. My initial reaction went something like "I have a blog?" followed closely by "and somebody reads it?" She then went on to threaten the supply of tasty baked goods if I didn't start updating.

The ride in was positively Belgian today.

Where's my sticky buns?