Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3

Morning Commute:
Conditions: 15 Deg F with 5 Deg windchill.
Head: A very sharp Sheila Moon "TmonT style" cap, polypro scarf, helmet with cover, and Specialized glasses.
Upper Body: Nike sleeveless base layer, Nike long sleeve jersey, Nike coat
Hands: Pearl Cyclone gloves, Bar Mitts.
Lower Body: Thermasilk bottoms, Trek wind front tights,
Feet: Mysterioso fleece socks with Woolie Boolie socks on top and toe warmers between socks, Lake MZ302 boots.

Observations: Had to remove the glasses about 7 miles in due to fogging up. The scarf was nice, but it lets too much warm air onto the glasses.  These studded tires are getting old.  I will leave them on in respect to the impending approach of the white death.  For the record... cold = slow.

Evening Commute:

Observations: This evening's commute was canceled due to the need for sushi and adult beverages.  Please check back later.

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